Drive the Cold Winter Away, v2.0
Simple Harmony

Once you have mastered this version, you can complexify it by playing a triad in the lower hand, based on the lowest note. So, where the lowest note is a "D", instead play (counting up), D-F-A; where there is a G, play G-B(flat)-D; etc. You can arppegiate it upwards if you like.

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Based on the 1651 ed. of Playford, as appears in "The Complete Country Dance Tunes from Playfor's Dancing Master", Barlow.

The original was in "3", but should be played in 6; that's why half the barlines are dotted.

Harmonization is in a Renaissance style (as opposed to Baroque).

Permission granted for any private use.

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Tibicen, 12/22/01