Volunteering Opportunities
Known World Dance Symposium III
8th - 12th June 2001
Boston, Massachusetts

Like all things in the SCA, this event will run best with many hands helping lighten the workload. No matter if you are a complete novice or have been around forever, we can use your help!

Contact Tamar if you would like to volunteer.

Some areas requiring help during the event:

  1. Help at Gate (checking people in, taking money). No experience required. Contact Lady Avelina to volunteer for Gate.
  2. Setting up and/or taking down signs. Contact Tamar to volunteer.
  3. Setting up classrooms (tape players, etc). Contact Tamar to volunteer.
  4. Being a building steward for a half-day (keeping an eye on the classes, taking care of emergencies, directing the lost and the weary in the right direction). Having a cell phone is a plus. Contact Tamar to volunteer.
  5. Cleaning class rooms and ballrooms after use. Easy no-skill work. Contact Lord Orlando to volunteer.
  6. Refilling water pitchers between dance classes. Contact Lady Eowyn to volunteer.
  7. Interacting with curious mundanes (giving out SCA-related brochures, answering questions, etc). Contact Lady Godith for information.
Your help in these areas will truly make this a world-class event.

If you wish to help, either before or during the event, please contact Tamar.

Event Contact Information
Autocrat: Lord Ayden Pathfinder, ayden@carolingia.org
Reservations: Lord Pandaulf, pandaulf@carolingia.org.
Lodging Coordinator & Newcomer Assistance: Lady Godith Anyon, godith@carolingia.org, 617-776-6777
Class Schedule: Lady Maria Elisabetta Gonzaga, besslibby@mediaone.net
Coordinator of Musicians: Tibicen, tibicen@carolingia.org
Coordinator of Middle Eastern & Non-European Dance: Lady Lakshmi Amman, beth@pir.net
Proceedings: Master Aleksandr Ruslanovich, yevsha@earthlink.net
Publicity & Web Pages: Lady Adele Mallory, adele@carolingia.org
Merchant Coordinator: Lilias de Cheryngton, cmccullo@wellesley.edu
Volunteer Coordinator: Tamar bat Reuven, tamar@carolingia.org

Send reports of bugs and errors to adele@carolingia.org.

Last updated May 11, 2001