Known World Dance Symposium III
8th - 12th June 2001
Boston, Massachusetts

Dorm rooms

The deadline for reserving a dorm room has passed. Information about the rooms is here.


If you wish to stay in a hotel, we recommend reserving rooms as early as possible. Boston hotels fill quickly and room rates are high. Typical prices are $200 per night or more, although a few might be lower.

Crash Space

Crash space will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. Contact the coordinator of crash space (and other housing) Lady Godith Anyon, if you need crash space.

What is crash space?
Crash space is a free place to sleep in someone's house. It might be a patch of floor for you to roll out your sleeping bag or it might be a guest bedroom with its own bathroom. Do not expect to be fed. People offer crash space in their houses out of kindness; please don't abuse their hospitality.

Event Contact Information
Autocrat: Lord Ayden Pathfinder, ayden@carolingia.org
Reservations: Lord Pandaulf, pandaulf@carolingia.org.
Lodging Coordinator & Newcomer Assistance: Lady Godith Anyon, godith@carolingia.org, 617-776-6777
Class Schedule: Lady Maria Elisabetta Gonzaga, besslibby@mediaone.net
Coordinator of Musicians: Tibicen, tibicen@carolingia.org
Coordinator of Middle Eastern & Non-European Dance: Lady Lakshmi Amman, beth@pir.net
Proceedings: Master Aleksandr Ruslanovich, yevsha@earthlink.net
Publicity & Web Pages: Lady Adele Mallory, adele@carolingia.org
Merchant Coordinator: Lilias de Cheryngton, cmccullo@wellesley.edu
Volunteer Coordinator: Tamar bat Reuven, tamar@carolingia.org

Last updated May 23, 2001