Class Schedule
Known World Dance Symposium III
8th - 12th June 2001
Boston, Massachusetts

Please bring a pair of clean non-marking indoor-only shoes. Some of the rooms have delicate floors and strict rules against street shoes.

Schedule of Classes (subject to change)
SFA = School for the Arts building. (The Gym, Dance Studio, and Lecture Room are in the Sargent Gym building.)
Saturday, June 9
School for the Arts (SFA)
Sargent Gym
SFA 109
SFA 105
SFA 106
SFA 102
Gym Dance Studio Lecture Room
9:30 The Old Measures Basic Middle Eastern Dance Dance Dynamics open Gresley Reconstructions Brando di Cales open
11:15 Intro to 15C Italian Balli Basic Cane Choreography/ Fast Hipwork Bagpipe Dance Conspiracy Uncommon 2-couple ECD Evolution of Contrapasso Dance Notation
2:15 Intro to 16C Italian Dance Folkloric Choreography Rhythms and Improvisation open Fencing, the Other Movement Art Italian Balli for 3 people Renaissance Dance for Men Raising Authenticity
4:00 Exercises from Ebreo I Storytelling with Dance Dancemaster/ Bandleader Summit Reconstruction Round Table Bransles de Champagne Improvisation for Galliards Horsemanship/ Other Sources
Sunday, June 10
SFA 109
SFA 105
SFA 106
SFA 102
Gym Dance Studio Lecture Room
9:30 open All Those Wiggles Look the Same to Me Dancing with Props Lute Tablature for Non-Lutenists open open Origins of Morris
11:15 Reconstruction Workshop I (cont'd Monday 4:00) Basic ME Dance Arms & Upper Body Movements Medieval Dance Music Midair's Dance Menagerie 15C Italian Balli Choreography in the SCA - panel
2:15 Intro to Border Morris History of ME Dance Dancing with Feeling Basse Dance Music Challenge Uncommon 3-couple ECD Sex & Prexonera Teaching in Challenging Situations
4:00 Choreography for SCA Dance Costuming Hindu Temple Dance Loud Band Session Intermediate ECD Cascarde open
Monday, June 11
SFA 109
SFA 105
SFA 106
SFA 102
9:30 Uncommon 4-couple ECD Fedelta d'Amore 16C Italian Dance Barriera 16C Improv Music (John Tyson)
11:15 Two Cascarde 20C Bassedanze 16C Music Grooves (John Tyson)
2:15 European Dance Sources Il Ballarino Dances Tassel Kicking 16C Music Jam (John Tyson)
4:00 Canarie Steps Reconstruction Workshop II (cont'd from Sunday 11:15) Exercises from Ebreo II (cont'd from Saturday 4:00) open
Tuesday, June 12
All Classes Open to the Public
SFA 109 (dance) SFA 105 (dance) SFA 106 (dance) SFA 102 (lecture)
9:30 Nido d'Amore 16 C Favorites Hindu Temple Dance
11:15 15 C Bassedance Mimed Bransles
2:15 Galliard Steps The Old Measures La Courante History of Middle Eastern Dance
4:00 Dance Party (Caroso style)
SFA = School for the Arts building. (The Gym, Dance Studio, and Lecture Room are in the Sargent Gym building.)

Note: These rooms require non-marking indoor-only shoes:

Classes Sorted by Teacher
European Dance Classes
Teacher Class
Alina of Foxwood Cascarde
Avatar Catsprey Loud Band Session
Medieval Dance Music
Charles Garth Renaissance Style Workshop for Men
Improvisation for Galliards
Constance of Aarnimetsä Reconstruction Roundtable
Crystal of the Westermark Intermediate English Country Dance
Dafydd Cyhoeddwr Uncommon 4-couple ECDs
Uncommon 3-couple ECDs
Uncommon 2-couple ECDs
Daniele di Padola Exercises from Ebreo (2 class sessions)
Tassel Kicking
Delbert von Strassburg Sex on the dance floor and Prexonera
Introduction to 16th C Italian Dance
Delbert von Strassburg,
Mara Kolarova,
Sheila Beardslee, and
Sion Andreas o Wynedd
Choreography in the SCA: Purpose, Place, Precepts and Precautions (a panel discussion)
Emma Dansmeyla Some Gresley Reconstructions
Geoffrey Mathias 16th C. Italian Dance: Barriera
Henry of Maldon The Old Measures
Isabeau Legere de Pieds Mimed Bransles from Orchesography
Judith de Northumbria Class Cancelled - The Piva and the Saltarello
Julia Sutton Dances from Caroso
Justin du Coeur Introduction to English Country Dancing
Ken Pierce Canarie Steps
Galliard Steps
Kieran Grey Two Cascarde
Mara Kolarova Evolution of Contrapasso
Raising Dance Authenticity Levels
A 16th-Century Dance Party
Midair MacCormaic Midair's Dance Menagerie
Miklos Sandorfia Learning from Other Sources
La Courante
Nawson ben Mas'ud Mixed Bransles de Champagne Suite
Patri du Chat Gris Late Sixteenth Century Fencing - The Other Movement Art
Philip White 15th C Italian Balli for Three People
Pryder mab Aurddolen The Origins of Morris Dancing
Introduction to Border Morris
Rochl bas Gershom Sternenkiker Choreographing Dances in the SCA
Rosina del Bosco Chiaro Introduction to 15th C Italian Balli
15th C Italian Balli
20th C Bassedanze
15th C Bassedanze
Sheila Beardslee 16th c. Favorites
Lute Tablature
Sion Andreas o Wynedd Brando di Cales
Fedelta d'Amore (Negri)
Tibicen Dancemaster/Bandleader Summit
The Wm. Blackfox Memorial Bagpipe-Dance Music Conspiracy: All welcome!
The Basse Dance Music Challenge: Vaten mon amoureux desir
Trahaearn ap Ieuan Approaches to Dance Notation
Introduction to Dance Reconstruction
Teaching Dance in Challenging Situations
Organizing Dance at Events
Trahaearn ap Ieuan and
Janelyn of Fenmere
Survey of European Dance Sources 1400-1700
The Old Measures
Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa Some Dances from Il Ballarino
Reconstruction Workshop
Non-European & Middle Eastern Classes
Teacher Class
Angelina of the Wild Roses (Saturday),
Cassandra (Sunday)
Beginning Middle-Eastern Dance
Anne of Framlingham Beginning Choreography/Fast Hipwork
Cassandra & the troupe
with Nor'easter Sirocco
Storytelling for Choreography
Cybele Arms & Upper Body Movements
Ghazallah al-Badriyyah Rhythms and Improvisation
Emma la rousse d'Argentan All Those Wiggles Look the Same to Me
Dancing with Feeling
Lakshmi Amman History, Theory and Practice of Classical Hindu Temple Dance
Safira al-Muffaddadiyya History of Middle Eastern Dance and Its Place in the Culture(s)
Dancing with Props
Su'ad Folkloric Routine (double-length choreography class)
Dance Dynamics
Middle Eastern Dance Costuming
Basics of Stick/Cane Dance

Event Contact Information
Autocrat: Lord Ayden Pathfinder,
Reservations: Lord Pandaulf,
Lodging Coordinator & Newcomer Assistance: Lady Godith Anyon,, 617-776-6777
Class Schedule: Lady Maria Elisabetta Gonzaga,
Coordinator of Musicians: Tibicen,
Coordinator of Middle Eastern & Non-European Dance: Lady Lakshmi Amman,
Proceedings: Master Aleksandr Ruslanovich,
Publicity & Web Pages: Lady Adele Mallory,
Merchant Coordinator: Lilias de Cheryngton,
Volunteer Coordinator: Tamar bat Reuven,

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