Known World Dance Symposium III
For the Love of Dance

Renaissance Dance Workshops for the Public and for the SCA
June 2001
Boston, Massachusetts

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The SCA event: Known World Dance Symposium III
June 8-12, 2001
The Known World Dance Symposium (KWDS) is an SCA event focused on the study and practice of Renaissance Dance and non-European dance before 1600. KWDS runs from Friday evening June 8 to Tuesday afternoon June 12. Read more about it here. If you're new to the SCA, please read this first.
The public event: For the Love of Dance
June 12, 2001
Not in the SCA? Don't want to wear a costume? Come Tuesday, June 12, 2001 for one or more Renaissance Dance Workshops open to the public. These are participatory workshops; everyone gets to dance. No costume required! Admission is $10 and includes all of the classes offered Tuesday June 12, and a special Caroso-style Ball. Read more about it here.

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