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Katrina Resources -- For REFUGEES

The Underwater Railroad maintains a list of resources specifically for refugees of Hurricane Katrina. There are lots of other places to go to make contributions to help; this is a place for refugees (and those working with them) to get easy-to-use information that will help them get back on their feet. In this resource list you will find links to free housing, message relays, safe lists, relocation assistance, and other services.

The resource list is designed to be printed, so it can be posted in shelters, faxed to hotels, and given to aid workers to carry into the affected areas. While many of the resources are web-based, some can be used with only a phone call.

Please help us get this list into the hands of those who most need it. It is particularly important that those who fled to hotels and other "unofficial" gathering places get this information, as the authorities are focusing on the large-scale shelters right now.

Volunteers Wanted -- For VOLUNTEERS

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